Happy Feet! Happy Dancer!

Happy Feet! Happy Dancer!

Dear ladies but also gentlemen,

As dancers we confront ourselves with many problems and issues in regards to our feet.

We spend most of the day with in our pointe shoes/ soft shoes on in our working schedule and especially during our performances.

Sweat , dry skin ,different anatomical issues can often lead to blisters, corns or other conditions.

Therefore a good routine of taking care of our toes and feet can actually do wonders.

I  would like to share with you in here ,a treatment that I have used to treat but also to prevent several affections of the feet . This one I had used for a nasty and very painful corn that I had a while ago, which has literally put me off dancing for two weeks.

I know it from Ms. Ariana Paoletti, a very good Podolog   ,that I had the chance to meet back at home in Bucharest, and that has helped me a lot ever since.

She currently works at https://www.clinicapicioarelor.ro/ in Bucharest and she is very good also in helping and correcting problems of the foot, from difficult toe nails to bunions etc.

The treatment has several phases. It might sounds more complicated that it actually looks but trust me, it’s worth the shot.

1 st Step:

Acquire the Ingredients:

– the juice from one lemon

– 2-5ml of liquid Vitamin C ( I have also used a whole tablet of Vitamin C that I smashed )

– 1,2 tablets of aspirin smashed

You mix them all and then you rub your feet with it.

Then wrap them in plastic foil ( the one you use in the kitchen) and stay like that for 1-2 hours.

Repeat this every second day , or 2-3x times per week.

II Second Step


– 10 ml Neem Oil

– 10 ml Vitamnin D

– 10 ml Vitamin A

– 10 ml Olive Oil

Mix them all in a small container that has a lid as you will have plenty for couple of days.

Take a good quantity to apply on your feet ( just like a lotion) ,put socks on and sleep like that.

Repeat it daily for a week or more, depending on what you need.

🔆The first step helps to exfoliate skin, and the second is a very intense hydrating process. The Neem oil has anti fungus properties which is very good for the nails.

🔆The treatment should be done at night once you are done with everything.

Please be sure before trying that you are not allergic to any of those ingredients.

Other than that , the only effects of it are on the positive side!

Other tips:

🚩Falling or painful bruised nails:

– wrapp the toe in a textile compress that is well dipped in Swedish Bitter. For those who have sensitive skin, you can apply a very fat moisturizing cream before on that area.

🚩Open blisters, open wounds:

-Atrauman Silver Foil compress ( you can find it online)

Clean the area very well, cut from the patch whatever size you need, apply it on the open wound, seal it with tape .

It does wonders!

All the ingredients can be found at the health store and pharmacies.

I hope it will help you when in need  and make the feet happy and healthy!

If this has been useful for you, please let me know through a feedback!