Let’s begin with a proper introduction.

My name is Marina and I am a professional ballet dancer. I have started my career in Bucharest, Romania at the National Bucharest Opera. Here I have danced as first soloist between 2009-2016. Since 2016 I have been part of The Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dance has provided me with the opportunities of both travelling and performing all over the world and getting to meet people who guided me through my journey to reach my full potential. I am an artist that loves a good challenge and curiosity of searching for new and constant improvement, always searching for quality vs quantity. I am a person who stands by values such as determination, passion , hard work, and dedication. I understand and work constantly for a good balance between professional and personal life. My career so far has offered me both high and low moments where each time there was a hidden lesson.

I strongly believe that each of us, exactly how we are, has enormous potential and uniqueness as well as the daily opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves. That’s why I don’t believe in the absolute fake perfection that we as humans and artists are constantly looking for.
I believe in life and its beauty. If we are aware enough and present in our daily life, we will be surprised to count the small blessings or miracles surrounding us. My wish as an artist is to search for new ways of improving the dancing area and most of all the educational side of it for supporting and guiding the new generations of young dancers, sharing what I have gained from my experience and contribute to building a system for enhancing a proper and
healthy artistic education in the dance world.
As a human being, I wish to be in the here and now as much as I can, to enjoy what life offers me, to be able to stand up each time I am falling , to accept and love myself and those around me , to look for challenges when I feel too comfortable and to grab the right opportunities for me and for my
I look forward to meet and to connect with you, to explore and learn together!

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