Balet Workshop x Consumed

Balet Workshop x Consumed

I invite you to a free ballet workshop organized by Ars Gratia Regalia as part of the „Consumed” artistic project.

🗓️June 6th
⏰4:30 pm
📍Casa de balet
🩰20 seats
* Dancers aged 12+ can register by email at ortel.(+4)0724 238 365

✍🏻Dance and movement therapy is a form of art therapy. It starts from the idea that movement can influence the mental state, being a form of expression and communication designed to help the individual develop, heal and have a general state of well-being. The effects occur on a physical, emotional and mental level.

foto: Andrei Runcanu
poster: Diana Nasulea

‘Consumed’ is a project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.