Do you believe in Fairy Tales? An enchanting place in the heart of Copenhagen

Do you believe in Fairy Tales? An enchanting place in the heart of Copenhagen

We all are dreamers , some more than others. I am surely one of them.

I remember when I was little and I was reading those stories about princes, princesses,castles, evil characters and I was fascinated.

But besides the fascination of the main characters,I think I was always attracted by the atmosphere of a story.

First you might access it visually but then you start accessing your imagination. Where magic is alive, where impossible things can happen just because you believe, where beauty was shaped by characters, the story itself or by the events that were happening in them.

We are in December now, and even if it sounds as a cliché, I believe there is a sort of special magic to it. The winter holidays are knocking on the door and together  with them, shiny lights , glitter, decorations are coming up to life too.

Denmark has always had in my opinion, that “je ne sais quoi” when it came to the winter holidays. Despite the cold and the dark long days , the Danes really know how to create that  “hygge” atmosphere and offer you a fantastic space to create your own story.

 If you come this time of year in Copenhagen and maybe go Christmas shopping, you will find yourself  entering into the world of Nisse, other mystical creatures and all sort of wood decorations mostly hand made, exquisite reefs, candles of all sorts, and so many more.

Even if the city might be more magical now than the rest of the year, there is a place in Copenhagen that has the power of transporting you to a magic fairy tale world with the very first step that you put in it. No matter the season.

It is located on Ny Adelgade 12 , right in the heart of Copenhagen , very close to Kongens Nytorv square.

It is the boutique museum shop of the Danish artist Tage Andersen.

There is nothing I can compare it with . It is not just a flower shop, although you will be surrounded by all types of flower.

Inside Tage Andersen Boutique

Tage works with both fresh flowers but also with the ones that ready to fall into a deep permanent sleep. He has also  designed different objects such as candle holders, flowers vases from iron,glass vases etc. Everything that you will see in here it is part of Tage’s imagination.

He has an unique talent of taking raw elements from nature and turn them into  real work of arts( moose from the forest, wood, herbs etc). 

Just passing by the shop , walking on the street, the windows will catch your eye towards an enchanting world. One that has a different rhythm, beauty, and its very own life.

 Everything has a sense, a story in this place and a different ways of captivating your attention and feeding your imagination.

The eyes are spoiled but so will be the ears. In the background there is always a classical music album running .

I always liked to go there and charge myself. It was enough just to look around while listening to music. It was like for a moment, nothing could go wrong.

Suddenly I entered a place where dreams were real and alive. 

 I always felt such a joy inside when I was there. Almost like my heart would whisper to me: “Hey you! Thank you for feeding me with all this beauty”. 

Christmas trees

During all these years I have been living in Copenhagen and even now with my most recent visit I still feel the exact same once I step foot into the shop.

No matter the season, something will be new there. Once I went there and they had on display these majestic glass vases , so elegantly done. They were or looked like glass sylphs. I remember I told myself “Not sure if I would use this as a regular vase or just as an art object.”

This time around there were these cute candle holders shaped as sheep.

Next to them, couple of iron advent candle holders were standing tall and majestic. 


They might look simple, but there is so much beauty and elegance in simplicity.

There is also another precious detail in his work : bringing elements and motifs from the Danish culture and blending them into this fantasy world that he has created.

I am and I will be a forever a flower lover. From planting, to taking care of them , to arrange them in my home and also to offer them.


Nature is very generous with us and I believe that  it spoils us with the diversity and the beauty of flowers.

At Tage’s shop, the flowers are raised to the rank of royalty . It is not that I have not seen that type of flower or another, but the way he envisions his arrangements are just out of this world. From bouquets of flower to Royal arrangements, home, and garden designs. And honestly, while you are there you will expect that from a hidden corner a small fairy will pop out  and sprinkle you with fairy dust.

The attention to details it is highly taken care of. That is why there is no room for anything commercial here but just for authenticity. At the same time the aesthetic taste is simply divine.

flower arrangement in an iron vase

The shop has a ground floor, a first floor and a second floor where the artist and his partner Mogens have their home.

On the first floor , somewhere in the back you will find a little courtyard with a small glass house . It is filled with different sorts of plants and in the middle of it  there is a little stone fountain . In the summer you will be able to see coloured fishes dancing around petals of roses. Now in the winter it is more simple and quiet.


GLASS House surrounded by Camellias

Outside of this glass house, Tage has a part of his remarkable Camellias collection. When the time comes for them to bloom, in spring, it is a spectacle.

I like to think that if Marie Duplessis ( the real Lady of Camellias) had been contemporary with Tage,  she would have probably left Paris for Copenhagen.

Artistry , poetry will be found here even in some petals resting on the cobstone. There is fragility. There is another type of beauty in a flower resting or passing towards her eternal sleep.


Everything is blended perfectly in this place. The colours,the contrasts between them or between the light and the shadow. There is a different mood to each floor, space and corner. Or season.

In my many visits along the years, I have been lucky to watch Tage at his table in his workshop.

That itself it is an image from a fairy tale.

 My very first impression of him was that I met Santa. A tall robust man filled with so much kindness,love and warmth. 

tHE ARTIST tage andersen at work

His partner, Mogens, is the guardian angel of this place and of Tage’s work. The love he has for him and his art will keep his legacy alive for generations to come. 

There are many beautiful places in this world, I am sure of it. Each culture has its own magic and bewitching side.

Tage Andersen’s boutique holds a very special place in my heart.

It is my kind of fairy tale place. And it is real.

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