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Unlock Your Potential: Experience the Fusion of Dance and Sports Science in a 1 week workshop with Marina Minoiu & Patrick Rump!

Who can take part : Dancers aged 15+

When: August 20th-27th 2023 10am-4pm

Where: Casa de Balet – Sala Rapsodia

Participation fee: 700 EUR

Admission and registration

Send an e-mail at with the following requirements:

Full name, age, head shot and current status (student/professional )


  • Grand plié second position – profile
  • 90 degrees arabesque – profile
  • Developpe front – profile
  • Developpe a la second – frontal

Videos ( short combinations of the following elements):

  • Saute ( two legs jump)
  • Jete ( one leg jump)
  • Sissone
  • Grand jete developpe

Discover the transformative power of our groundbreaking workshop, “Dance Meets Sports Science.” This innovative initiative seamlessly blends the artistry of classical dance with cutting-edge sports science, unveiling a captivating connection between two seemingly disparate worlds.
Open to both aspiring and professional dancers, this immersive workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain a profound understanding of the human body, break free from comfort zones, and elevate performance to new heights.

Each day will be a revelation, providing valuable insights into the inner workings of the body and the essential care required to attain peak performance levels—both artistically and physically.
Join us in Bucharest, Romania for an exhilarating week of intensive training designed for dancers aged 15 and above. Experience the artistry of Classical Dance with tMarina Minoiu, a distinguished figure in the dance world. Following this, you will have the exclusive opportunity to train with Patrick Rump, a world-renowned sports scientist and former national team athlete, who has been imparting his expertise to world-class dance companies for over 17 years. Together, they will guide you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, enabling you to unlock your true potential and reach unparalleled levels of excellence.
Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to fuse the worlds of dance and sports science.
Enroll today and embark on a transformative experience that will forever redefine your understanding of movement, strength, and artistic expression.”

Patrick Rump – Achieving Excellence through Evidence-based Strategies

Unleash your full potential with Patrick Rump, a true expert in propelling individuals and organizations to peak performance. With over 17 years of experience, Patrick seamlessly blends evidence-based strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and a unique fusion of expertise from the realms of elite sports and the arts.

Renowned cultural institutions such as the Forsythe Company, the Royal Ballet of London, the English National Ballet, the Hofesh Shechter Company, the Staatstheater Wiesbaden, dance universities and esteemed nationa ballet schools have all placed their trust in Patrick’s exceptional capabilities.

His accomplishments include:

Master of Arts in Sports Science, Sports Medicine, and Pedagogy
National accreditation as a fitness instructor specializing in peak performance
Honored by the German Federal Ministry for his groundbreaking work bridging the gap between art and science as a “Creative Pilot”
Bronze Medalist in the EUSA European Championships in Karate (Kata Individual Men)
Former competitor for the German Karate Federation National Team
Recipient of the Honorary Badge from the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces)
Recognized and lauded by the Federal Ministry of Economics
Featured in a compelling documentary exploring the intersection of Sport Science and Dance
When it comes to achieving excellence, Patrick’s expertise is unmatched.
Through evidence-based strategies and an unrivaled understanding of the human body, he propels individuals and organizations towards their goals, breaking barriers and reaching new heights of performance.

Unlock your true potential with Patrick Rump and embrace a journey of extraordinary accomplishments and transformative growth.